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If two PT sessions per week is what you are after then look at our base offering. The Bronze package is a great way to start off your health and fitness journey. 

The BRONZE package is for those who may be just starting out in the gym or just starting their new journey with training in the guidance of our coaching. With the BRONZE package, you will be covered with both upper-body and lower-body sessions. Assuring you achieve great structural balance with your body meaning equally trained across your whole body.


 ✓ The BRONZE package includes:

 ✓ 2 x 60-minute coaching sessions

 ✓ SPC Online App

 ✓ Programs to follow each week

 ✓ Weekly check-in form

 ✓ Communication with your coach throughout the week.


The Silver package features three PT training sessions per week. With three sessions per week, we will be able to target more specifically your goals by putting more attention to detail for what is required. More strength training principles and important techniques come into play as higher complex movements are a priority, followed by targeting the muscle with isolation work. 

The SILVER Package is for those wanting to step their training up to another level. No more generic gym workouts. These coaching sessions are specifically designed to achieve an end goal. With the SILVER package, you will achieve results in the areas of strength, movement patterns building muscle or losing fat. Whatever your goal is, that's what we prioritise and create a plan of attack to achieve it.

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3 x 60 minute coaching sessions

SPC Online App

Monthly tailored program blocks

✓ Understanding Calories & Macro Tracking

✓ Weekly check in form

✓ Weekly weigh in

✓ Progress photos

✓ Daily communication with your coach


The four sessions a week top tier package, fully inclusive and designed to reach and maintain your potential. Our coaches will lead, guide and progress you to be executing your sessions in the gym and your tasks outside the gym to reach your optimum levels. Sessions are taken to another level by delivering certain training methods and principles with periodisation to achieve a certain goal by a certain.

The GOLD package is for those who need a result to achieve by a certain date as well as anyone who wants to challenge themselves to become the best version they can be. Learn why you’re doing what you’re doing. Understand the fundamentals we teach you so you can have these skills for life. If you want to know how the best of the best do their craft then this package is for you.

With The GOLD Package you will achieve an amazing result. Whether it's for aesthetics or performance, you will achieve an amazing transformation. You will also gain knowledge of training principles and the fundamentals behind them. Learn the techniques the best in the world do and how to maintain them. Complete full body structural balance training assuring your progress each week. This is for both upper body and lower body push/pull/squat/hinge movement patterns. All of this is tailored to you so you reach your highest training potential and get that amazing result.


4 x 60-minute coaching sessions

SPC Online App

Monthly tailored program blocks

Weekly/Fortnightly adjustments if needed 

Tailored Calories & Macro breakdown Tracking

Weekly check-in form

Weekly weigh in

Progress photos

Daily task checklist

In-app messaging

Record & upload your lifts

Video technique analysis

Daily communication with your coach

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